General Info about Carlin

Carlin Combustion Technology, Inc. has devoted itself to a singular goal since the company’s 1949 inception: to produce top-of-the-line burners and accessories for HVAC systems. Carlin started when businessman Bernard Lindberg purchased the U.S. Oil Burner Corporation. When business partner John Carlburg joined the company, the men’s surnames gave way to a corporate re-branding and Carlin was born.

Carlin Burner

Without a burner unit, a furnace or boiler would be an empty shell. As its name suggests, a burner unit ignites home heating fuel in order to disperse the generated heat throughout the home. Carlin burners, with years of experience, aim to be the pinnacle of the HVAC burner market. The company produces both commercial burners and residential burners, with a variety of sizes and configurations to meet any heating demand. Knowing the brawn of a burner unit does little good without a technological brain, Carlin also produces burner control and ignition systems.

Carlin makes customer satisfaction its mission. In addition to offering top-notch products, Carlin tries to focus on constantly improving the customer’s experience in purchasing and using a Carlin burner. Carlin employs five core values which inform every action: Quality, Teamwork, Customer Satisfaction, Leadership and Integrity.

To further customer satisfaction, Carlin offers instruction courses to their technicians and contractors in the form of Carlin U. Carlin U classes, held at their Massachusetts headquarters, cover the intricacies of residential oil burners, residential gas burners or combined commercial gas and oil burners. Offering exhaustive instruction across the Carlin line of products ensures only top flight professionals install their top flight products. The National Oilheat Research Alliance officially recognizes the Carlin U courses; passing them awards a technician continuing education credits.